Campaign Flyer for AXED: the end of green


This is the campaign flyer (click to make bigger) for raising funds for a film (his second feature length) a good friend of mine is making. Here is his first film. I am his official marketing strategist and we are looking to make his next film even better, so we ask you to come be a part of it.

Anyone who reblogs this (and subsequent posts, limit 20 bloggers, limit subject to upward revision) or promotes this post or the film project on their blog (you may have to let me know in the comments if it is not a WordPress reblog) will be sent a free copy of the finished DVD (AXED Documentary) when it comes out, slated for the end of April, 2013. Free shipping included. You can message me here with your shipping address:

There are additional rewards for those who choose to back the project financially.

Understand that this will not be just another conservative exposé on the “climate change hoax” or elitists and ideologues abusing trust and authority. Consequently, it will neither imply (as some other projects seem to, though perhaps not intentionally) that conservation or stewardship of our natural resources (be it for health, aesthetic, or industrial purposes) is touchy-feely liberal clap-trap, nor will it offer up weak, hybrid “alternatives” to the green movement that create potentially dangerous relationships between the state and quasi-private entities. Instead, it seeks to put forth the twin solutions of free markets (not subsidized cronyism) and federalism (at all levels), angles that simply have not been covered enough in the conservative reaction to environmental extremism, at least not in the format of feature length film.

I am contacting as many people as I can in the conservative (and libertarian) blogosphere to help me get the word out, though I understand that some may want to look into it further beforputting their seal of approval on it, or may not even be interested at all. But I truly feel that it is activism such as blogging and filmmaking, that will be instrumental in arresting the progress of tyranny, in all its modes, whether cloaked in the guise of saving “the environment,” helping “the downtrodden,” educating “the children,” or countless other raiments that may originally have derived from quality threads and superior tailoring.

So those of you that are interested in arresting tyranny’s progress, especially in regards to the tying-up of natural resources and jobs-creating industries in the United States, should definitely check it out.

There are only 18 free DVDs left.


Reblog this or any related blog posts.

Write your own post.

Spread the flyer around to your friends and followers. Here is a link to the flyer on facebook.

Share the video and the campaign via social media such as twitter, facebook, google plus, etc.

Put a widget on your blogs side bar. There are two that I recommend, but neither of them seems to be compatible with WordPress.

AXED by J.D. King — Kickstarter (includes video widget and sidebar widget)

AXED: the end of green Kickstarter campaign Countdown Clock | (must be registered, but basic registration is free)

Whatever you decide will be an enormous help!

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