January Articles

Here are my articles from January 2013. So far, my best month for traffic has been March 2013 (15,511, as of a few moments ago). My busiest day was March 24th, with 1424 views. And my busiest week was the week starting the 18th of March, with 6366 views. April will likely be even better as I have several good pieces lined out. Many of those will be put up at Brandon Christensen’s Notes on Liberty, which I have been contributing to since January 2013.

Women in Combat: In Every Possible Sense a Joke Written, published, and pressed January 24th.

Post on Energy Independence, as Promised Written, published, and pressed January 21st.

    Referred to here is my piece Hating Energy Dependence, Not Loving Energy Independence, which is posted at Notes on Liberty, but later posted to this blog in February (See February Articles).

The Worse Rise to the Top? More like the Willfully Ignorant! And the Implications that has on Copyrights. Written? Published, and pressed January 16th.

There is, However, Another Way of Looking at, or for, Socialism. Written, published, and pressed January 13th.

Slavery, Secession, War, Reconstruction, Segregation Written, published, and pressed January 3rd.

My Congressman Voted No Written, published, and pressed January 2nd.

Any thoughts?

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