Part One Of My Response To Ron Paul Hater Barry Germansky

Barry Germansky: “Ron and Rand Paul are dangerous because they subscribe to free market libertarianism, which essentially allows them to look at every single aspect of human nature and the tangible world around them through the narrow minded paradigm of economics.”

Henry Moore: They are dangerous merely because they ‘subscribe’ to free market ‘libertarianism’? So, in the ideal world, a safe world, no one, especially if they held any sort of public office, would ‘subscribe’ to such an ideology? It is dangerous to simply even belong to their unapproved school of thought?

And why is economics a narrow minded paradigm? Is it because people don’t make decisions based on their own well being, their very survival and sustenance, and that of their dependents? Is it because economics has nothing to do with anything other than a gaggle of greedy capitalists counting their coins? Is it because you don’t actually need some medium of exchange to acquire certain goods and services, be they needed for the barest of survivals or the most trivial of leisures? Is it because only people that have been indoctrinated or seduced by the ‘system’ have jobs, are paid wages, invest capital, and purchase goods? Is it because we actually are NOT a society of consumers? Is it because every action that a non-idle person takes is not taken with the conscious or subconscious thought in mind of how it might effect their economic status, their financial situation, or even their life further down the road? Is it because nearly every major secular ideology’s main tenet is not their respective view of how economics works or should work? Is it because, as Republican (gasp!) President Calvin Coolidge didn’t suggest, ‘The Business of the American People is Business’? 

Shall I go on with this line of inquiry or shall I wrap it up? The former if need be, the latter for now. Is economics really as disconnected from all other fields, spheres, paradigms, and categories, as you maintain? Perhaps it is not that economics itself is such a narrow minded endeavor or subject, as much as it is that your own cloudy perception and definition of ‘economics’ is.

6 thoughts on “Part One Of My Response To Ron Paul Hater Barry Germansky

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  2. Funny that his name is also Barry. This statement must have been on his teleprompter:

    “Ron and Rand Paul are dangerous because they subscribe to free market libertarianism, which essentially allows them to look at every single aspect of human nature…”

    Well Barry, what would you call carbon taxes (co2 made by man, required by plants), mandated healthcare (you know, because at some point, everyone will enter that market), food restrictions (we’re too stupid to decide what to eat), travel restrictions (TSA, Liscense/permissions to travel), gun control (you can’t be allowed to protect your family, your self, or your property) etc?

    As usual, YOU are guilty of the transgressions that you are accusing others of. Please migrate to Antarctica and stop breathing.

    • Too harsh! I’d still let him breathe in Antarctica. You should really watch his video. The guy is a complete moron. I was going to get you a link, but he made his videos private. His username is Silverwire100. I guess it was too embarrassing to keep losing arguments. What is he afraid of? An opposing point of view?

    • And you are so right. There is not a single thing out there completely cut off from economics. This obvious point is amplified when you actually take a gander at the many tyrannies out there affecting economic decisions, such as the ones you listed.

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