New Facebook Page for Site

Propagating the Philosophy of Liberty (Actually the subtitle of this blog, but easier to pronounce, easier to remember) is a new facebook fan page for this site. If you read the blog and have a facebook account get on over there and like the fan page! Or if you are lazy, in a hurry, whatever, just check out the facebook widget in the sidebar. 30 likes is a good goal for now. In fact, until I reach that number facebook won’t even let me look at my analytics.

When I get a moment I’ll start sharing my blog posts on the page. Here’s what I’ve posted so far:

ALERT: Cops Murder Baby!! *Warning – Graphic Description* woman in Tennessee had her baby murdered by police. Medical professionals are in shock and the public will probably just ignore this murder. http://www.wsm…

Hey everybody, this is the page for my site:

A project inspired by the 2012 Presidential Campaign for Ron Paul, moving on to the issues as well as a more general critique of the status quo.

Advocating Non-Aggression, Non-Intervention, and where need be, Non-Cooperation. That is, no initiation of force on one’s own part, no initiation of force on behalf of another, and no initiation of force against oneself or others uncontested.

Defense is the only defensible form of violence. Even where this act may kill or maim it is far more moral than much more indefensible and in some cases subtle acts such as, the debasement of currencies, the violation of contracts, fraud, corruption, theft, taxation, intimidation, extortion, trespassing, prohibition, vandalism, sabotage, kidnapping, slavery, torture, assault, rape, collateral damage, terrorism, and murder.

My first note:

If you are interested in helping out (contributing authors needed!), message us!

New cover photo coming, needed a stop gap. The voluntaryist colors are nice though.

It’s not the greatest I know but I’m no graphic artist. Feel free to send me advice or suggestions for covers. This one has grown on me though. It might have something to do with the fact that I fussed with it so long.

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