Five Things I Would Do If I Was Dictator For A Day

At Liberty’s Republic, a blog I contribute to, Brandon Christensen, in response to others doing the same (here and here) gave a list of five things he would do as supreme leader. This was some time ago, but running out of other things to blog, I see no harm in reviving it. Here is his Brandon’s list:

1. End all farm subsidies and enact bilateral or multilateral trading treaties with as many African states as possible. I would focus of states in the Gulf of Guinea and work on issues of land reform and property rights with leaders in this region.

2. Overhaul our entire immigration policy. I’d like to see Canadians, Mexicans, folks from the Caribbean, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Chilean, and northern Europeans be able to move freely between their home states and ours, and fewer restrictions upon others as our trade ties deepen between them and us.

3. I’d get rid of the current tax system as well (including the repeal of the 16th amendment), and replace it with something along the lines of those proposed by Henry George. A tax on land and resources but nothing else seems more than reasonable to me.

4. I’d get our troops out of Europe (and abolish NATO), Korea, and Japan. This could be offset, however, if we were to include the states we protect into a broader free trade zone like the one we have here in the US. Think about it this way: instead of reaching from Hawaii to Maine, the new free trade zone would reach from South Korea to Slovakia and Estonia (and Turkey!).

5. I would either impose term limits on Senators (but not House members) or repeal the 17th amendment so that, like Grover Cleveland stated, there can be much more decentralization in the political process. Also, I would include a nullification clause a la Randy Barnett where 2/3 of state legislatures would be able to overturn federal laws if they so wished.

In the comments I added my own list (I hope readers here will do the same), which is as follows:

My list is what I would do on the Federal level. State Nullification would be on this list if I had room, so my excuse for leaving it off is that States don’t need the Federal Government to approve of their interposition, as that would defeat the purpose. Also, I have long been a fan of repealing the 17th for some time now, but at a time when states are often as corrupt as the Central government, and as dumb as the voting public, I don’t think much would change. I think it is still a good idea, but that its main effect would be on traditional swing states such as Montana (I am itching to throw out Baucus and Tester).

1. End ALL taxes (inflation included), including those that affect our trade policies. Sell national monuments, national parks, bases abroad, bureaucratic office supplies, highways, Federal prisons, unused military and astronautical equipment, things like the DHS’ 450 million rounds of ammunition, and all Federal lands and “useful buildings” to the highest bidder. Use this for revenue. When this source dries up, then come up with something else. Getting rid of these things would eliminate the need to end bureaucracies and occupation via legislation or executive order, because the departments and their employees would literally have nowhere to work or stay, and nothing to do. And since you can’t pay people for doing nothing, fire most federal employees. And when that revenue question pops up again, stick it to the leaches first.

2. If the revenue from these giant auctions isn’t able to carry out the proper functions of government and pay off the entire national debt, go ahead and default on what remains of the National Debt. No handouts or advice from the IMF. Just a big middle finger. The US taxpayer (including countless millions not yet born) no more owes money (if you can call it that) to China, other assorted members of the international community, and international fraudsters than it does to the US Government. If taxation is theft when your own government does it, its rape when some other government or organization does it.

3. Phase out all entitlements, except for Constitutional emoluments to veterans, service members, and other Constitutionally enumerated beneficiaries. I would rather end these unfunded liabilities abruptly, but I suppose there would be several unintended consequences.

4. Competition in currencies. Go ahead and leave the Federal Reserve System. Just strip it of its monopoly powers, its dual mandate, and its lack of oversight.

5. Lift all restrictions on international and interstate commerce, including the on the free flow of labor. No mandates, no sanctions.

There are a few things I might change, but for now I am content to leave the list as is/was. I hope readers will comment with their own unique lists and perhaps continue this thread on their own blogs as well. Remember, we are in fantasyland, so don’t be afraid to be radical. The House and Senate will not be voting on your list.

Any thoughts?

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