Unexpected Delays

I’ve been promising posts left and right and I assure my readers that they are still on their merry way. In the future I’ll be a little more vague about dates and times, because, well, because Murphy’s Law. My main problems have been that I am busy and I have underestimated the scope of some of my projects. No more self-imposed deadlines! On top of this I was forced to sit idle for two days by a temporary (whew!) deactivation of my blog because some old post back from October contained a link to a commenter’s website, which apparently is on WordPress.com’s banned list. Not a heinous or obscene site, mind you, but spam nonetheless. I had to send in a report with my objections to the deactivation and explained that I was unaware of any policy violations. I was polite about it and received a response explaining the situation and got reactivated in next to no time. It was a bummer at first but it gave me a much-needed chance to tackle a few other things. But I reckon now it’s time to shift things back into high gear.

One thought on “Unexpected Delays

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