Somehow, I Feel Vindicated

Back in November, just before the election, I wrote about who I was not going to vote for. With rare exception the Republicans got the knife as frequently as the Democrats. On my list of those not worthy of my consideration, I included one, Steve Daines, running for the lone Montana Congressional seat to replace Denny Rehberg (who I didn’t vote for in the Senate race even though I couldn’t stand his opponent). My reasoning was this:

Steve Daines seems to me a typical politician. A “family values” Republican who, given the timing of his campaign, appears to have been handpicked by Rehberg. [Neither he] nor anyone else, including the ones who trip all over themselves saying that Ron Paul is a personal friend, [used their] clout in the Montana GOP to keep 14.4 percent of the Republican Primary voters [who did vote for Ron Paul] from being disenfranchised. I will be writing in Vincent Melkus, who is a former Marine in his twenties living in Hardin. I won’t be voting for either the Democrat Kim Gillan or the Libertarian David Kaiser. Kaiser is pro-abortion and does not want to cut defense at all.

I had no specific criticisms of what I thought he would do once in office other than that I suspected that he was probably a typical politician. A person that either openly flouts the Constitution or says one thing while doing another or both. Now, he may not have said he wouldn’t vote for something like CISPA, but his having done so certainly does conflict with much of the rest of his campaign rhetoric. And it certainly is not derived from any of the enumerated powers of Congress. In fact, legislation like CISPA is expressly prohibited in the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1, 4, 9, 10).

So, I am glad to say I did not vote for this dirtbag. He seems like a nice guy with a nice family. Perhaps he is. But where it counts for you and I he is just another crook. If that seems too harsh or like passing too much judgement too soon without enough information, don’t start by condemning me. Instead, reexamine your own premises. In my [humble?] opinion, verbally abusing politicians, and viciously hounding them into doing what is right is the only “check and balance” that has ever meant anything or had any lasting positive effect. And even then it falls far short. But while the republic (that was at one time “free”) still stands and people feel warranted to work within the corrupt system, it should be the default conduct of any person that wants to preserve what freedom is left, if not reclaim those that have long since been handed away.

Here is a good thing to remember about politics: 99.99% of the time when someone says anything about limited government they are full of it and likely are aware of that fact. I’m surprised the Democrats have never employed small government rhetoric as one of their tactics! Oh wait, they have!

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