The Federal Government’s Monopoly On Force Will Be America’s Bane

I saw something here that made me think about the Aurora Colorado Theater shooting a little deeper…

People are asking “what went wrong?” They are wondering why every so often we hear about some random shooting in America’s heartland. Is it the culture? Is there something in the water? Were their parents neglectful or abusive? Did they just snap? I am sure that these, and more, are all contributing factors on the whole, but do any dare look to the examples set by our own cherished leaders, not just in the public schools and mass-media which have been specifically tasked with the brainwashing of the people to accept things the way they are, but also in Government and in industry. Don’t get me wrong; wicked behavior is primarily the responsibility of the individual perpetrator. But could the tone set by, for example, our own murderous foreign policy (combined with our murderous domestic policy, à la publicly funded abortion, incidents such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious, as well as other examples of immoral or excessive uses of force) which is accepted not just as a necessary evil by the vast majority of so-called Americans (though I personally reject them as my compatriots), but actually a necessary good, have an important role as well?

My dad has his own theory about what went wrong. He speculated that it all has to do with the recent Supreme Court decision upholding ObamaCare. Did the shooter pour out his whole life (and more resources than he could afford without going heavily in debt) into his future medical career? Will not medicine and the medical profession be heavily regulated, rationed, and unionized? Are not all doctors to be underpaid public employees (assuming that that is not an oxymoron) under ObamaCare, where they otherwise would have been highly paid professionals working in the [formerly, yet minimally, free] marketplace? That is not to excuse the shooting as some sort of dignified protest against big government and the ruin it brings to many lives, of course. I think this whole theory is as valid as any. No doubt people have gone “postal” for far less than this.

By the way, I did see the film (which was better than the last one by a factor of ten, and contrary to the fear mongering of some, had no excessively harmful subliminal messages). It was about 15 hours after the shooting.  No crowded, over-hyped midnight showing for me. I did not once feel compelled to look to the clearly defined and posted theater exit to see if someone was going to barge in and open fire. That added to my moviegoing experience. We should all enjoy it while we can. I suspect that the newer, friendlier gestapo perverts’ porn-grope molestation and other attractions will be coming soon to a theater near you.

Any thoughts?

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