One Year Later at PTPOL

Well, this blog has been registered at for one year now. It took a while to get it off the ground, but it hit the ground running. (How’s that for a mixed – and contradictory – metaphor, by the way?) Click here to learn more about the blog, and here to learn a little bit about it’s author.

140 posts, 6,602 views, 482 comments, 200 WordPress likes, 192 Facebook likes, 54 followers on WordPress, 1150 followers on Twitter.

Not bad for an amateur one-man team, right? Well, its the readers that are more to thank. Without them there really is no point in writing.

Here are the top-viewed posts (not including from home page) from the last 366 days:


Axed: the end of green

Tied for #11

Women in Combat: In Every Possible Sense a Joke

Human Action


It’s All a Game Anyways

Tied for #9

The Failed Drug War

Free Giveaway Promotional, Phase One


Free Giveaway Promotional, Phase Two


Why I am Writing in Paul and Not Voting for Johnson


Brokered Convention, Vote of No Confidence


Bell Curve of Despotism

Tied for #4

The Problem with Excessive Anti-Communist Rhetoric, an Edit

Thoughts on Voting, Turning this Country Around


Let Us Not Be Crucified Upon A Cross Of Gold


The Difference Between Obama and Romney; My Take on Paul Ryan


The Pledge of Allegiance and the Cult of Ceremonial Deism

And these are some of the author’s personal favorites that were not in the top twelve viewed posts, newest to oldest:

Post on Energy Independence, as Promised

The Worse Rise to the Top? More like the Willfully Ignorant! And the Implications that has on Copyrights.

There is, However, Another Way of Looking at, or for, Socialism.

Slavery, Secession, War, Reconstruction, Segregation

Wayne Lapierre versus Ron Paul

Pearl Harbor! Why?

Patriotism versus Nationalism (versus Internationalism?)

Happy Armistice Day

The Second Most Interesting Man in the World Wrote a Book Called Nullification

Remember, Remember! and Don’t Forget: Just Who is Co-Opting the Liberty Movement?

Who Else Is Running?

Obama is NOT the Worst President in this Nation’s History

Wary of Gary

Joseph Schumpeter’s Anti-Utopian Quotation

A Quotation From Richard, A Parable From Robert

The Debate (And Now Discussion) On Usury Continues

An Update On My Usury Debate With Some Conspiratorially Minded Greenbackers

This Week Marks One Year Anniversary Of Turning Point In Libyan Civil War

Ron Paul Hater Barry Germansky’s Comment

The Problem With Joe McCarthy, Dispelling Other Accepted Narratives

A Debate On Usury As A Rough-And-Tumble

Real Isolationism: Part Five

Real Isolationism: Part Four

Real Isolationism: Part Three

Real Isolationism: Part Two

Real Isolationism: Part One

Transcript Of What Ron Paul Hater Barry Germansky Said – Refuted

From Upholding A Founding Ideal To Worshipping The Men That Abused It

Ron Paul Pro-Abortion?

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