My Congressman Voted No

Dennis Rehberg, Montana’s only congressman voted against the “fiscal cliff deal,” which passed the House 257-167 yesterday evening. Whether he did it because of his principles or he listened to his constituents or to his base, or was simply trying to uphold his oath of office, I applaud him. I had emailed him yesterday afternoon, a few hours before the deal went through and asked him to reject this “compromise”. I do not think I convinced him to vote the way he did, of course. It may well be that he was flooded with emails and phone calls. Or perhaps he really thought it was a bad bill. Most likely he figured that as a lame-duck Congressman about to be thrown out of office, it couldn’t hurt to maintain his fairly conservative reputation. But the bad news is that the deal did pass and what little it will do won’t be for the best. It was all for show anyways. If enough people up on the hill who voted for or against the bill took this issue half as seriously as they claim they do, a deal would have been reached, not weeks, not months, not years, but decades ago. The United States’ bicameral legislature has been a joke for at least that long.

2 thoughts on “My Congressman Voted No

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