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My name is Henry Moore. I am a 21 year old Ron Paul supporter here in Yellowstone County, Montana and an adherent to the Austrian School of Economics. The purpose of this blog is the effective propagation of the aforementioned.

As it happens, I am also an Evangelical Protestant (member of the CREC), so don’t be surprised when I attempt to pontificate from a less than typical standpoint in the modern Liberty movement (of which Ron Paul supporters are just one, albeit broad and influential, coalition). I am a political radical and a religious fundamentalist, but never a theocrat.  

I am a Fiscal Libertarian, which means I reject any unwise expenditure or credit, no matter what the intentions were, as fundamentally and inherently evil. End the Federal Reserve.

I am a Social Libertarian, which means I tolerate any and all views to the extent that they are not translated into actions that violate the Rights of Man, and am open minded.

I am a Cultural Conservative, which means that while I am tolerant, I am opinionated, and that while I am open minded, I am firmly rooted.

In other words, I am a Liberal in the Classical sense.

I reject all forms of deliberate violence outside of self-defense. That is self-defense in the narrow sense of immediate prevention of  assaults, and self-defense in the broad sense of revolution, where probable or actual assaults, in the guise of lawful orders, are stopped and reversed. And everything in between.

I believe in the Sovereignty of the People and that no Government is a Just Authority when the Consent of the Governed is not present. There is nothing wrong with submission to ordained worldly authority, but how or whether that authority is truly ordained is a legitimate consideration. For Christians, the Word of God is the Chief Earthly authority. When forced to choose between this good and the evil that is man’s authority abused, revolution is not rebellion, but true submission to that higher authority.

Where a moral and oppressed people throw off a tyrannical government, these principles are most obvious.

Where an immoral yet oppressed people throw off a tyrannical government, can judgement be made? For, what is the difference between a rebellious people under a morally innocuous, though physically potent, authority; a rebellious people under a different authority, perhaps more or less tyrannical or moral than the previous; or even a rebellious people under no authority at all? Evil prevails and submission to legitimate authority is lacking in all three situations. But where tyranny is thrown off, even an immoral people have hope while they live.

Where a moral and free people throw off a lenient government, they do not do so in rebellion against their leaders (or public servants), but in tandem with them.

Where an immoral and free people throw off a lenient government, the principle is the same as in the case of a moral and free people. There was still cooperation.

Freedom and morality go hand in hand. So how can it not be justified, when not in the spirit of personal retribution, to throw off either or both tyranny and/or immorality? Not every instance of revolution is morally superior to every instance of tyranny, but the former must occur, it is inevitable, if the latter is ever to be abolished.

I also hold that oaths are sacred (at least as much as a signature on a contract), and that any magistrate or bureaucrat that has contravened his, has violated the trust of the people, and, in effect, stepped down (voluntarily nullified the contract), and is no longer in any legitimate position of authority. His position, as such, remains in his possession, only by the mercy or ignorance of the people, and the Grace of God. Mene, Mene, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; Tekel, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; u-Pharsin, your kingdom is divided and given over.

I believe that the Constitution is an imperfect document, not because some elitist power mongers wrote it, not because only a few had a real say, not because it was hastily drafted, but because it was written, as are all other prescriptions for Government, by fallen men. Utopia is no place. This does not mean that there is no form of government preferential to most or even all others, but that any form of government only deals with immediates and externals, and so long as man is present, there will be strife. Having said that, I am still, if for no other reason than expedience, a strict constructionist of that document.

Politically, I have been chiefly influenced, thus far, by…

Ron Paul’s The RevolutionEnd the FedLiberty Defined, Abortion and Liberty;

Rand Paul’s The Tea Party Goes to Washington (with Jack Hunter);

Thomas Woods’ 33 Questions About American HistoryNullificationMeltdownRollbackWho Killed the Constitution (with Kevin Gutzman);

Howard Kershner’s Dividing the Wealth;

Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative;

Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson;

Frederic Bastiat’s The Law;

Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s Lincoln Unmasked;

Andrew Napolitano’s It’s Dangerous to Be Right When the Government is Wrong;

I am currently perusing, with care, Friedrich von Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom;

And of course there is the Bible. I hope I do not too much try to cut and paste my own libertarian ideals into the Scriptures, but I firmly hold that the message of Liberty finds its first origin in the dignity of man as a creation in the image of God, and that the Christian Faith, rightly practiced, is wholly compatible with the concepts of limited government, equal and Natural Rights, and human progress.

On February 26th, my birthday, I signed the Petition to get Ron Paul on the Montana Republican Primary Ballot. I brought my sister along to do the same. While at the Coffee Bar for the Petition signing, I ran into an old friend I had not seen in more than a year. He returned from his second and last tour of duty in Iraq back in September. Like most young veterans who know what is going on, he likes Ron Paul. So when I mentioned the Petition-signing to him, he was happy to sign it as well.

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  1. My name is Zaira Dynia Valdovinos… I found your weblog because I was searching for my name combination and somehow some of your posts are tagged with my name… thoughts?

  2. HENRY, I am very impressed to find that you are only 21 years of age! You have wisdom beyond your years. You have a talent for writing and for critical thinking. I am happy to “meet” you.

  3. Mr. Henry Moore, you are 21 and brilliant. And I can tell you are a hard worker. Keep up the good work. I fully expect to be reading your books one day.

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