From Upholding A Founding Ideal To Worshipping The Men That Abused It

I think Presidents (with the possible exception of Washington and Jefferson) should be removed from coins. What ever happened to Lady LIBERTY?

I’ll tell you. There is a direct correlation between taking Lady LIBERTY off of the coin to replace her with presidents and the decline of this nation.

They replaced the Indian Head Liberty with Lincoln in the same year that Theodore Roosevelt’s Radical Progressive Presidency was at its worst, only to be replaced in the same year by the slightly less Progressive William Taft.

They replaced the The Liberty Head with the Buffalo in the same year that the Federal Reserve was started, the Progressive Income Tax was instituted, and the Senate was turned into a Mob Rabble by the 17th Amendment. The Buffalo Head was then replaced with Jefferson the same year that Churchill and Roosevelt first hinted at an alliance with STALIN, a dictator many times worse than Hitler.

They replaced the Mercury Liberty with Roosevelt in the same year that Roosevelt’s successor, Harry Truman attempted to nationalize the steel industry. More than sixty years prior to Obama nationalizing GM, Healthcare, etc.

They replaced the Standing Liberty with George Washington in the same year that Herbert Hoover botched the recession/banking crisis of 1929 and prolonged the Great Depression, justifying further Big Government.

They replaced the Walking Liberty with Ben Franklin in the same year that the US Supreme Court banned religious instruction from public schools, effectively aiding the Federal takeover of the state and local Schools. In the same year, Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan, which, like anytime Keynesian Economics is applied, slowed down the post war financial recovery in Europe. Harry Truman also issued a peacetime draft (although the undeclared, unconstitutional war in Korea was still being waged), which is a violation of the Thirteenth Amendment, which says, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” They later replaced Ben Franklin with Kennedy in the same year that Dimes and Quarters ceased being made of silver, further adding to the Federal Reserve’s/Treasury Department’s arbitrary fiat authority.

The Peace Liberty was ended in the same year that FDR created the WPA, one of the central entities of the Fascist/Socialist New Deal. When Silver Dollars were eventually brought back, they weren’t made out of silver and they had Eisenhower on the front. It occurred in the same year that Richard Nixon nailed the final nail in the coffin of the gold standard by ending Bretton-Woods and strengthening the fiat power of the Federal Reserve.

The point is that just as we have rejected the concept of Liberty on our coins as one of the chief founding principles of this country and instead set up idols to presidents (some of whom were actually decent men), so too has Liberty as a founding concept, a noble ideal, and a reverent subject been rejected in America by Americans, so too has the capricious power of of the Federal Government and especially the Executive Branch increased through the usurpations of the Liberties of Individuals and the Sovereignty of the States.

There is no direct causation, but certainly a relevant relation, a perfect parallel even.

We have removed Liberty from both our coins (granted, the actual word is still present) and our system. In each instance the replacement was the Presidency or the Paternalism that has arisen from it. It is reminiscent of the Emperor worship of Ancient Rome. This is nowhere near the first America-Rome comparison. There are many more and they are quite alarming.

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