The Little Girl Who Cried Jihad

In the coffee shop. Just looked over at the television for a second and had to do a double take. It was Tea Party favorite Michelle “I don’t hate Muslims” Bachmann! Long time, no see.

The volume was off so I read the transcript in order to figure out what was going on.

Here is the part I caught: “This is Islamic Jihad!”

My initial reaction: “Get out your prayer rug.” Eye roll. “Which way’s Mecca again?”

Okay, to be fair, when I looked over again just now she was condemning US intervention in the form of arming rebels in Syria. Good for her!

Too bad it is hard to take her seriously anymore. Last time we heard her cry “Jihad” it was a call for intervening in Iran. And before that, it was about staying the course in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One thought on “The Little Girl Who Cried Jihad

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