If you can see that there is something here, please understand that I am still editing, so read at your own risk…

What is Praxeology?

It is the characteristically Misesian approach to the social sciences. More specifically, it is the study of human action as defined by the Action Axiom, using the deductive method. It should be considered one of many competing methodologies for attempting to understand various facets of human behavior, rather than as simply synonymous to the social sciences (such as anthropology, economics, sociology, and psychology).

That is not to say, where study of these sciences is conducted properly, that praxeology is not synonymous with them, but just that praxeology is not widely enough utilized, understood, or even acknowledged, including by those who use it unwittingly (Mises made this point very clearly in…), to make such a statement. In other words, by right, it ought to be synonymous with them, but by point of fact it currently is not.

The beauty of the action axiom is that it is a prerequisite for understanding or doing anything. To deny it is to affirm it. Thus, praxeology itself is to some extent practiced by all social scientists, even those who deny the validity of the approach or who consider it less than scientific.

Any thoughts?

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