R ٤ ‎٧ ‎ه ‎ن ط Τ ח ه أ !

Now that the Ron Paul campaign is over (thanks to those cheating scumbags at the RNC), this blog will be dedicated to my interests and my ideology. In other words, not much is going to change. The R3volution was an educational and entertaining experience for me, and to the extent that it is still going I hope to learn more things and have more fun.

Currently I am endorsing anyone but Obama and Romney, not because I have hope that someone else can or will win, but because the vote is more legitimate as a means of protest than it is as a means of government. Write in Ron Paul, Thomas Jefferson, or Mickey Mouse, check in that box for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode, put a giant X through your ballot, go shopping and stimulate the economy, or stay home and read a book on economics or political philosophy. Sit on the couch and watch TV for all I care! Even if nobody physically counts your vote (including non-votes) and even if the media doesn’t report the numbers, your collective non-cooperation won’t go unnoticed. Most importantly, vote your conscience.

I plan not only on evading the Democratic side of the ballot, DOWN THE LINE, this November, but to a large extent, the Republican side. There are very few decent people running for any office in either major party. And the few that are decent, on occasion, picked the wrong election cycle to show their bad side. So if there is any worthy person who lost in the primary, or maybe a Libertarian Party nominee or two, that’s who I’m casting my lot with.

Ron Paul 2016! Until then, lets make an effort to end the brainwashing and the hysteria.

God Bless.

8 thoughts on “R ٤ ‎٧ ‎ه ‎ن ط Τ ח ه أ !

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  2. I’ve been keeping my eye on you guys over in America, I watched (t’was only SourceFed) coverage of the RNC & DNC, I saw on the first day of the RNC there was tornado(?) scare but Ron Paul did his own thing because he’s awesome and his son spoke. I was happy to see Rand later speak at the RNC, and there was obvious love for Ron when he was mentioned. I also watched a Q&A from Gary Johnson, he looks like a good candidate – how come there isn’t an LNC?

    Glad to see you’re carrying on writing!

    • Hey, thanks for continuing to read! I see the Union Jack in my stats every now and again, and I’m sure its you. They had an LNC earlier in the year. Not as big of a deal because the other two parties have cornered the market on getting elected and media coverage. It was a hurricane. Thankfully where I live we don’t get hurricanes, tornados (actually, we did get one once on Father’s Day two years ago, destroyed the county fairgrounds), earthquakes, or floods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fathers_Day_Tornado

  3. Ron Paul’s **campaign** isn’t over, the love revolution is extremely alive, it’s just got new champions now. They rotate, it happens. His campaign was never about getting elected, that would have just been a very acceptable possibility. The true goal was always just finding the loudest horn to shout his message through and reach the most people, and further, inspire the most people to follow his example and do the same. I suspect the reason he holds back on a nomination is out of respect for true libertarianism: think for yourself.

    Gary Johnson isn’t Ron Paul, sure. He doesn’t have the history, longevity, and their characters are very different. One is the jackdaw you can’t prevent squawking, and the other takes a moment to pause and measure the mountain. They’re just different styles of heroes. Sometimes it’s Storm, sometimes it’s Wolverine. You can choose both, all the time. But one is currently electable and one isn’t. One is the only other guy even on all 50 ballots besides the one-head-pretending-to-be-two.

    One says, “I’ll end the wars,” the other two argue over which country to invade next.
    One says, “I’ll end the fed,” the other two argue over which mandatory health insurance they’ll enslave us with next.
    One says, “I’ll balance the budget,” look what I did with my state: +$1 billion, the other two give you a chesire cat grin and Chinese loans.
    One says, “I’ll end marijuana prohibition and at least regulate it the way the tobacco and alcohol are, a fair compromise,” the other two have no intention of curbing the ballooning prison population and instead continuously pass bills (Patriot Act, NDAA) increasing their ability to imprison us without due process or constitutional authority.

    It kind of blows my mind you aren’t championing the next Revolution leader, especially how brilliant you are and how freaking up there this guy’s made it on the ladder. Usually we can’t get a third party candidate this far. Yes, when I first accepted the Ron Paul blow I snubbed Gary too. “But that’s not Ron!” “How dare you hand me this 2nd runner up, he’s not even close to what I was hoping for, life is over! Screw the election!” …but I got over it. I had to. Plus, it wasn’t that hard once I let myself. Gary’s not a disappointment at all, the guy’s a statue of magnificence in his own right, and I’m *really* excited he exists. Could you imagine how much shittier we’d feel if not only Ron was sacked but we didn’t even have a 2nd runner up Revolution option?

    If people like you and I do not rise and lead when we are summoned – AND THE FACT THAT WE ARE AWAKE IS THE SUMMON – the people will –never– make it through the fog.

    We can all vote for Gary. It would be *fun* … in a set fire in the hallway kind of way :X


    • Well, if you want to split hairs about the Campaign being over or not, technically, Ron Paul still hasn’t ended his official campaign. And that’s my point about keeping on plugging: the R3volution is absolutely NOT over. Just the part of it about getting Ron Paul elected, i.e., the campaign. More later, I’ll spill my guts on this whole thing. Until then, sweet dreams. For me, anyways, I’m tired.

  4. I tell people, go and vote — write in Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Ron Paul…. don’t stay home! To me “no Vote” means you don’t care. Showing up and writing in “none of the above” says something. I would rather go off to the FEMA camp with a clean conscience.
    But that’s just my opinion.

    • I personally think people should go out and vote. I plan on doing so myself. But sometimes people really do have better things to do. For example if one of my friends wanted to go on a camping trip on election day, I’d go on the camping trip, especially since Paul is not on the ballot (unless you write him in).

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