Happy Birthday, Doctor Paul!

Ronald Ernest Paul, who is retiring from Congress, was born this day 77 years ago. That’s August 20th, 1935. I’m glad he’s here and hope he’s around for another 25. I for one would vote for him in 2016, even if these arguments no longer apply. I haven’t seen or heard much from the good doctor lately, and it looks like Romney’s got this thing in the bag, but I still wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors. He has brought meaningful hope back into the political scene, and some day this might translate into real change. Whether it will be soon enough to “save” this country from what seems to be an impending fiscal fiasco/monetary monsoon is another matter. So (holding glass of red wine, because I don’t have anything stronger) here’s to Bernanke’s Bane, a better man than most, Doctor No! God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Doctor Paul!

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  2. You know what they say, “Third time is the charm,” but maybe third time running as a Republican would be the charm? :D

    I’d definitely vote for him over anybody else in 2016…if he ran that is.

  3. I hope we do not drag this too long, but care to remind us just what kind of weapons were being used on Kurds by Saddams army? Towards the tune of hundreds of thousands of dead. Speak about re-written history!

    • I’m not sure why that’s relevant, nor do I recall saying Saddam never had any WMDs. But if he had them when we attacked him, or if they were the sole reason for our attack, where were they? And why were we there for ten years? And how does the death of 1 million Iraqi children (not just from one troublesome group, the Kurds, that is hated equally by the Syrians, Iranians, Turks, and Iraqis) from starvation and malnutrition thanks to United States economic policy make you feel? Or the fact that he was our ally and likely wouldn’t have had any so-called WMDs in the first place without our approval. Or the fact that Iraq is now a hellhole about to implode in a region that already has more than its fair share of soon to implode hellholes?

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