October 23rd Third Party Presidential Debate

Did you watch the October 23 Third Party Presidential Debate? Well if you wasted your time watching an Obama/Romney debate or a Ryan/Biden debate, I assure you this won’t be anything like them. See for yourself. If you just want to quickly know what was said, I tweeted throughout the whole thing and captured everything that was said by paraphrasing (occasionally quoting verbatim) what was said by the moderators (Larry King and Christina Tobin), and the four candidates (Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, Jill Stein, and Rocky Anderson). I threw a couple “lols” and “wtfs” in there, just so you know those are mine. There was a bit of confusion at the beginning about whether the candidates were answering a question or giving opening statements, but after that things turned out fine. You can follow me on twitter @KeimgMeg.

[Not a tweet, but a note on the first question: was about top two primary elections]

@JillStein opposes “Top Two” Don’t sell out Democracy!

@JillStein & @RockyAnderson agree that “Top Two System” is bad

@JillStein: “Corporations are not people”

@RockyAnderson: Obama brags about being a big military spender

@RockyAnderson: I’ve had it with the Democratic Party!

@VirgilGoode: Doesn’t like Top Two system. Money is not speech!

@VirgilGoode: Independent, Democratic, Republican, Constitution, & always conservative!

@GaryJohnson :Tweedle-Dee vs. Tweedle-Dum (Obama & Romney) LOL

@GaryJohnson and@VirgilGoode agree that ballot access is a states’/local rights issue.

@JillStein: Arrested for appearing at two-party duopoly debate

@RockyAnderson: Public Financing of elections WTF?

@VirgilGoode: No SuperPACs. Individual contributions ONLY!

@VirgilGoode: We threw out king George, so we can throw out these guys

@GaryJohnson: Politicians shld wear jackets showing patches 4 their sponsors

Opening statements now! After first question!

@JillStein: We are losing jobs, wages, homes, healthcare, education

@JillStein: Climate and civil liberties are in danger

@JillStein: end the wars, end the bailouts, end tax cuts for the rich

@JillStein: Green New Deal: Create jobs, end unemployment

@JillStein: Bail out the students, not the banks!

@RockyAnderson: We have been sold out to Wall Street

@RockyAnderson: Economic Justice, Social Justice, and Environmental Justice

@VirgilGoode: Obama and Romney are not for balanced budgets. I am.

@VirgilGoode: Obama and Romney are not for American Jobs. I am.

@VirgilGoode: I am 4 ending SuperPacs & 4 term limits. MR & BO aren’t.

@GaryJohnson: Don’t bomb Iran. Get out of Afghanistan yesterday! Legalize Marijuana!

@GaryJohnson: Monetary Collapse is coming. Eliminate Income tax, abolish IRS.

2nd question: what are your thoughts on the War on Drugs

@RockyAnderson: End the Drug War, it is harming our people.

End drug prohibition just as we did alcohol prohibition

@RockyAnderson: Drug use not a criminal issue, its a health issue

@LarryKing: We’re on Drugs (LOL)

@VirgilGoode: It’s a state rights issue (drug policy)

@GaryJohnson: 90% of drug problems are prohibition related, not use related

@GaryJohnson & @RockyAnderson: We have the highest incarceration rate in world

@JillStein: Marijuana is dangerous BECAUSE its illegal, not other way around!

@JillStein: On day one, instruct DEA to use science to inform policy.

@JillStein: We don’t want to have Marijuana monopoly like we do with Tobacco

@JillStein &@RockyAnderson: legalize industrial hemp

@RockyAnderson: pardon all nonviolent drug offenders!

@GaryJohnson: Methamphetamine is a convenient bogeyman

@VirgilGoode: If you want full drug legalization, vote 4 one of them, not 4 me

@VirgilGoode: Cut military budget. We need 2 retrench, not b world’s policeman

@GaryJohnson: Defense, not offense. Biggest nat’l sec’y threat is nat’l debt!

Third question: What is the military’s role?

@GaryJohnson, three times so far: Stop the drone strikes!

@GaryJohnson:Foreign aid is picking winners and losers. Now we are funding jihadists!!

@JillStein: Wars for oil makes us less secure, not more secure.

@JillStein: BLOWBACK (@RonPaul @MichaelScheuer)

@JillStein: Bring the troops home. We’ve already brought the drones home.

@RockyAnderson: President Eisenhower said beware military industrial complex

@JillStein@RockyAnderson: Climate Change is biggest nat’l security threat

@RockyAnderson: If war crimes were wrong at Nuremburg. They are wrong now.

@RockyAnderson: No wars of aggression

@VirgilGoode: No undeclared wars

@GaryJohnson: I was against going to war in Iraq. I am against war with Iran.

4th question: How do I afford college at $400,000?

@GaryJohnson: College prices are so high because government “guarantees” student loans

@JillStein: Make public higher education free, just like we did with the G.I. bill

@JillStein: Investing in the education of future tax payers pays for itself

@JillStein: QE3 is another round of bank bailouts. Bail out students instead.

@JillStein &@RockyAnderson: Free college education is the right thing to do

@VirgilGoode: We can’t afford student loans and Pell Grants. Get over it!!!

@GaryJohnson “Free” comes with a cost. (free education isn’t really free)

@GaryJohnson#EndTheFed TANSTAAFL

@RockyAnderson: We can’t afford NOT to hand out free educations

@RockyAnderson: Prosperity, not Austerity!

@JillSteinagrees: We can’t afford NOT to hand out free educations

@VirgilGoode: @Jillstein and @RockyAnderson agree with Obama and Romney on education!

Fifth question: Stance on #NDAA 1021?

@JillStein: Repeal NDAA, assassinations, FISA, Patriot act

@JillStein: As Ben Franklin said “If you sacrifice liberty for security, you get neither”

@RockyAnderson:#NDAA is most unAmerican law in this nation’s history

@RockyAnderson brings Obama’s anti-war pro-civil-liberty’s hypocrisy out 

@VirgilGoode & @GaryJohnson: If I were preasident I would have repealed NDAA

@GaryJohnson: highest rated civil libertarian candidate by the #ACLU

6th and final question: What amendment would you push for?

@RockyAnderson: Equal Rights Amendment: No gender/orientation discrimination

@VirgilGoode: Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution, 6, 8, 10, or 12 years

@VirgilGoode: Term limits would go thru the legislatures like hot knife through butter

@GaryJohnson: Term Limits Amendment, steals @VirgilGoode‘s thunder LOL

@GaryJohnson: I’m living proof that term limits work!

@GaryJohnson: These politicians like to tell you they bring home the bacon

@JillStein: Term limits aren’t enough

@JillStein: Corporations are not People Amendment

@VirgilGoode@GaryJohnson @JillStein @RockyAnderson Closing statements

@LarryKing reminisces about Ross Perot, John Anderson, and Ralph Nader

@ChristinaTobin, @LarryKing: Thanks everyone

Any thoughts?

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