No Ron Paul On Ticket = No GOP Vote In November

Why I signed Ron Holland‘s Petition: Ron Paul Supporters & Concerned Americans: No Paul On Ticket = No GOP Vote in November

I signed this petition earlier today (3/20/2012), and at the bottom of the form, after filling out my name, address, and other relevant information, there was an option asking “Why are you signing?” Here is what I answered:

Because the Lesser of Two Evils is still Evil and because the GOP needs to take these few messages home:

1. Ron Paul’s stances on just about every issue are currently the only stances I, and countless others adhere to. We will not settle for less.

2. If you keep sending us moderates and crooks and morons, you don’t deserve to win, even if it means Obama will win again.

3. Ron Paul can win if he is the nominee, and any of the other three will lose if he be the nominee.

4. Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney will not only continue the destruction of America carried out by Obama, they will also succeed in destroying what remains of their own wretched party, if any of them is the nominee. This is true whether they beat Obama or not.

5. This might be the GOP’s last chance before it implodes. It might implode at the convention (depending on how they treat the Good Doctor), they might implode afterwards, when Obama wins and the average American realizes the Grand Old Party has failed again, or they might implode even if they do win in November, as a result of them doing the exact things as Obama and the Democrats.

6. The informed voter knows what your game is. In reality, it should surprise absolutely no one, as the following are what both the Democrats and Republicans, nigh indiscriminately, have been doing for the past 50 to 100 years:

Ignoring the Constitution;

Running up trade and budget deficits;

Invading and destroying, under the auspices of benign conqueror, and ostensibly to help, countries that were not existential threats;

Wiping out the US dollar through creation of artificial credit in all of its forms and guises;

Ceding US sovereignty to a cabal of international thugs and elitists;

Stealing the labor, livelihood, and property of hardworking Americans through burdensome taxes and regulations;

Granting of privileges to the chosen few in your several constituencies, if not lining your own filthy pockets as well;

Pilfering the treasury and other accounts to pay for your private luxuries and collective misdeeds;

Trampling the inalienable rights of individuals of all races, creeds, genders, ages, classes, and professions;

Allowing crimes and all manners of frauds and deceits to go unpunished;

Aiding and abetting the perpetrators of such heinous deeds;

Committing, or permitting thereof the brutal and unspeakable murdering and dismembering of countless, nameless, and faceless innocents both in the womb and on foreign sands;

Standing idly by as these and other travesties go on;

Unflinchingly ignoring the inevitable consequences of your various sins of commission and omission, which are now prepared to slap you square on the face.

You have been warned!

**Update: I also left these remarks on a petition to the RNC on 03/27/2012. They are supposed to read remarks out loud to Chairman Preibus.**

Any thoughts?

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