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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed your first documentary and look forward to this new one! Good job! I (Mrs. Foreman) grew up in Wyoming and even before the reintroduction of the wolf by the government, my family and I heard wolves when we stayed out in the Wind River mountains each summer. My dad (Rev. Richard Carlson) is still out there as pastor of the Rock Springs E. Free Church and superintendent of the Intermountain West District. Anyway, the wolf issue is close to my family’s heart because they eat only wild game–antelope, deer, elk, moose. Interestingly, over the past ten years, they have noticed lots of new elk herds down in the southwest Wyoming area–which had previously been home primarily to the desert elk in the sand dunes region. Now elk herds are appearing in greater and greater numbers all over the area; and even before seeing your documentary,we were surmising that they ( the elk) were migrating south to escape the wolves in Yellowstone.
    Though I have left the west and now dairy farm with my husband and our seven children in Missouri, we continue to see troubling invasion from the government and animal rights groups here. There is talk of a major reintroduction of elk just south of us–which would be crazy in such a populated state as Missouri (you think hitting a deer messes your car up . . .) And, of course, the introduction of the cougar in our area has already resulted in local sightings causing concern for those of us in the farming industry and those of us with young children who are often out after dark bringing new calves up from the pasture to the barn, etc.
    Anyway, my husband and I were wondering if you were going to be traveling to any homeschool conventions, or promoting your new movie anywhere in the midwest (we are near Hannibal, MO). We and our family would love to meet you. (My two oldest are working on degrees from TESC–like you–and we are the ONLY ones around here doing such an unheard of thing! Actually, I would love to talk to your mother! She did a good job, from the looks of things! Tell her I said so–)
    Mrs. Jesse Foreman

    • Thanks Mrs. Foreman! I’ll pass on what you said to JD (and I’m sure his mom will be delighted to hear she’s done a good job!). I’m a friend of his and have used my blog here to promote his project some. JD’s in California conducting interviews for Axed as we speak. I really think its going to be a great film! Here’s the website:

  2. Thanks, Hank, for forwarding the message to JD. That was my first time ever posting a comment, and after I pushed SEND I realized it wasn’t going to Mr. King at all! I felt a bit stupid and 20th century. So I read over your bio. info. too and it looks like they raise them ALL the right way out there in Montana! I really enjoyed reading Ron Paul’s final speech, too. I had the opportunity to be a delegate at the Missouri convention (in support of Ron Paul)–and I was horrified at how the RHINOS basically ran over all the Paul supporters. They were all Romney backers and they violated Robert’s Rules of Order throughout the day–telling people who had the floor to “shut up” and refusing to give the floor to others. It was pretty disheartening, but also a good learning experience for all of the Ron Paul supporters from my town (about 8 of us). Next time we’ll be prepared for the opposition.
    God Bless!
    Amy Foreman

    • Yes, it’s pretty awful what happened. I was following the process every day during the primary/caucus/convention season. I always held out hope, and were it not for the cheating that went on (it happened here too, though not nearly so bad in other places) I think the Paulestinians could have made a real showing at the convention. I doubt that Paul ever could have been the nominee (let alone the president, the powers that be would do everything they could to prevent either), but I think early on (even going into August), taking away the convention from Romney was a real possibility (the downside being that a Gingrich or a Santorum was waiting in the wings to take advantage of the situation). Paul could have had some serious leverage. And then there was the whole Jesse Benton thing. We don’t know (and may never know) what was really going on with him, but It’s pretty clear he wasn’t as enthused about Doctor Paul as the grassroots were. BTW, I also forwarded your note to JD’s mother, Laura and she was pleased to see it. JD and Mrs. King both have your email address, I don’t think you’ll mind. And the Axed website is still under construction, so please don’t spread it around too much yet. Thanks.
      Keep the faith Amy,
      Hank Moore

  3. Thanks–and you are prompt! Our family does not have internet, so I just happened to be in town at the library, and already got your response. Wanted you to know, too, that I enjoyed reading your Wayne LaPierre vs. Ron Paul on guns. I don’t trust government to make GOOD laws on this; the “LAW” is already there in place in the second amendment. Period.
    I’ll tune in again when I’m in town~
    Amy Foreman

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