Secret Meetings At The Federal Reserve

Secret meetings occur regularly.

Obviously the board meetings at the Fed are secret. They are known about, but what is discussed is not disclosed.

But in addition, the FOMC and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets have secret meetings.

The Federal Reserve TELLS the PRESIDENT what’s what, basically.

If people knew half of what goes on, the Fed would be gone YESTERDAY!

The Fed is privately owned by private banks. The legislation creating the Fed was written by a half dozen billionaire bankers with allegiance to no nation.

It is not enough to make the Fed have ‘good’ policies. Its very existence distorts the markets and operates under the assumption that the assets of the American people, YOUR assets, belong to it.

What is holding up the value of the Dollar?

GDP and military might.

What is GDP?

The total number of created wealth, i.e., your assets, plus government spending, in a given year.

The government’s spending is a net loss because not only is it wasted on goods and services no one needs, but because it has no cost accountability and distorts the very market that creates the real wealth component of GDP.

GDP is at 15 Trillion Dollars. The government portion of that is 7 Trillion, so real wealth is at only 8 Trillion, which is more than wiped out by our unsustainable National Debt.

What remains? Military might is all that is really propping up the Dollar.

Where does our military might come from?

Government spending.

And what is government spending?

A net loss.

So after we sweep away the confusion, what is propping up the Dollar?


All it takes for a Dollar collapse is for the rest of the world to realize this.

With the coming Euro collapse, the recession/depression-perpetuating stimulus programs, and our government’s refusal to balance the budget and pay of the debt, this is all the more likely.

Say goodbye to the Dollar.

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