So He Had Two Wallets Then?

There is no reason to shed a tear for Christopher Dorner, who was probably killed in the cabin the LAPD burned to the ground. But whether justice was served or not is open to debate. And if it wasn’t, don’t be too hasty to dry your eyes. We all know he was an emotionally unstable man with a propensity for violence. But it should be equally known that there was never any intention to arrest and convict this man. Maybe it is because it was too dangerous (though some have said they could have starved him out or used tear gas, et cetera), or maybe the LAPD didn’t want him to make allegations of corruption and abuse in the police department. Who knows? That is not what I am here to talk about. I only want to bring up a discrepancy I have noticed. It’s even on Dorner’s wikipedia page, though I noticed it first through my own observation and analysis of two conflicting  reports.


On February 7, 2013, it is alleged that Christopher Dorner’s wallet and ID (one would assume at first his driver’s license, though it could be his LAPD credentials or some other ID) were found in San Diego.

But on February 13th, the day after the burning down of the cabin, it was announced that they found his wallet and driver’s license in the ashes and debris of the cabin.

At first this would seem contradictory, and it is still possible that it is, but there are other possible explanations besides a police frame-up and cover-up.

Perhaps he had two wallets, one with one form of ID, and one with a different form of ID.

Perhaps he planted one of the wallets to throw off the search or to make people think he is dead (they found a body in the cabin but have not yet positively identified it).

And maybe, just maybe, there is something really fishy going on. I don’t know exactly what that could be, although it is fairly easy to formulate a few theories, but the fact that they found his wallet (some have even been joking that they wished their house was made out of the same material as Dorner’s driver’s license, so it couldn’t burn down) in the ashes and debris at all while the body they found was burned beyond recognition and the cabin itself was completely torched (a la Waco) doesn’t exactly make it easy to keep from jumping to conclusions.

I think it will be a good idea to see what the explanation for all this was, as well as to look for other discrepancies and explanations. That is, if you care about this story at all for reasons other than media sensationalism.

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