July Articles

Here are my articles from July 2012. August (1,401) and September (1,864) had the most hits of all other months so far. October did not beat them out, nor have any subsequent months. December (257) couldn’t even beat April (258). I suspect this has mostly to do with the fact that I have been accused of being a spammer on StumbleUpon. Not sure what to do about that. My busiest day is still September 20th, with 415 views. And my busiest week was the week starting the 17th of September, with 1122 views. But things have stabilized at least, I get several hits a day without having to tweet or anything like that, though this might have to do with the increased frequency of my posting (thanks to a new laptop) as well joining the team at another blog, Brandon Christensen’s Notes on Liberty in January 2013.

Tell your Senators to #AuditTheFed! Written, published, and pressed July 28th.

Letter To Senators Max Baucus And Jon Tester Telling Them To Audit The Fed Written, published, and pressed July 28th.

Human Action Written? Published and pressed July 26th.

The Federal Government’s Monopoly On Force Will Be America’s Bane Written, published, and pressed July 23rd.

Any thoughts?

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