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The bizarre bohemian bilge that plagues conventionally left-wing schools of thought, whether from Marx or Rawls or Chomsky, is just not for me. For the most part anyways. Since I’ve become more (this is an understatement; I have gone much farther than, say, Glenn Beck) of a libertarian (a classical liberal while socialists are usually just reverse reactionaries), I’ve learned to make some exceptions. This has tended to be more on the level of semi-reluctant tolerance than on that of open-armed embrace. Continue reading


Remember, Remember! and Don’t Forget: Just Who is Co-Opting the Liberty Movement?

Remember, Remember! and Don’t Forget: Just Who is Co-Opting the Liberty Movement?.

“Remember, remember

The fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

That was technically yesterday (Mountain Standard Time), though I when I started this piece I hadn’t gone to bed yet. Today is officially election day. This post is intended to bring a few things to everyone’s attention. Many people already know these things. Some don’t. Either way, as usual, I will put a little of my own spin on it.

First on the election.

On the presidential elections (I still have not voted yet today, but I think I will make it to the polls before they close), voting doesn’t really effect the election outcome unless you are in a battleground state. So I hope most people will be voting their consciences. Voting, however, does send a message, and that message for each voting block is the same REGARDLESS of the outcome. What I mean by this is, if you support someone but vote for someone else, odds are that not only will that vote have no effect on the outcome (unless, as I said, it is a tight race) in terms of who the next president is, but you are also keeping people from knowing what you truly believe. Voting to send a message therefore has much more of an impact than voting to put someone in power.

And now, the rest of the post on ongoing and attempted takeovers of the liberty movement by 1) Occupy Wall Street (this was only a minor and unintended offense on their part), 2) the rank and file of the Tea Party (originally a good thing, but now more or less synonymous with the GOP), and 3) the Kochtopus (who in my conspiratorial mind own Jesse Benton, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and a good portion of many Republican, Tea Party, and Libertarian groups, organizations, and individuals, though I do not allege that everyone employed are receiving funds from the Koch Brothers is automatically a blind tool).

407 years ago this night was the Gun Powder plot where a group of English Catholics attempted to Assassinate James I of England. All religious considerations aside (I am not a Catholic), it was an act against oppression and thus a tradition has come down to us today, mainly in England, to celebrate the anniversary. I won’t go into any details about how the Fifth of November, AKA Guy Fawkes Day is traditionally celebrated, but I do want to call attention to the man it was named after. But not the historical man because that is fairly boring. It is to the fictionalized, mythologized, romanticized, and later Hollywoodified version that I will point you. Guy Fawkes is a Robin Hood-like hero in these later accounts, and much the same he has captured many hearts and minds. Like Robin of Loxley, he stands against the existing order, the status quo, and evades the unjust authorities, but perhaps unlike him, the whole idea of tyranny. What more could I ask for?

We’ve all seen the Guy Fawkes masks, the ones that come from the movie V for Vendetta. The first people that used them as activists, perhaps to the surprise of many, were in fact Ron Paul supporters. Not the hackers group Anonymous, and not the Occupy Wall Street movement. Just like with the Tea Party movement.

Speaking of Anonymous, Guy Fawkes, and Ron Paul, check out this “leak” and the video below.


Ron Paul raised $4.3 Million on Guy Fawkes Day in 2007. Why a similar money bomb didn’t occur in 2011 is probably due to former Campaign Manager Jesse Benton’s fear and loathing of anything resembling disorder or fringe or passion.

Most Ron Paul supporters had their suspicions of Jesse Benton. Some smelled a rat early on. Other reserved judgement until it was too late.

Adam Kokesh was one in the former category. [Warning: Foul Language!]

He regarded Jesse Benton and Campaign for Liberty (under Benton’s leadership at the time) with disdain from early one, at first for what seemed to be personal reasons, but later what turned out to be a dead-on instinct.

This all reminds me of an historical episode that occurred between another Jesse Benton, and a man who might be considered Ron Paul’s role model against the Central Bank, President Andrew Jackson.

Campaign for Liberty was perhaps the first real Tea Party organization, although in a sense Dick Armey’s Freedom Works (2004), the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity (2004) Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform 1985), and the Koch Brothers’ Citizens for a Sounds Economy (1984) all deserve honorable mention.

Even Murray Rothbard can be said to have had a role, albeit a small one.

The New Boston Tea Party – Murray Rothbard

And speaking of Murray Rothbard and the Kochtopus, I suggest you read some of these links I have done many hours worth of research looking for. I have read a number of them myself. There is some really juicy stuff in there. And it should be required reading for any liberty minded person worried about the corrupting influences to be found in politics, even in the libertarian movement. I don’t know entirely what to make of it all other than that the Koch brothers have done many great deeds for which they should be praised, but all for what appear to be the wrong reasons, reasons, which have also caused them to do a great deal of  more sinister things. Perhaps enough to outshine their more praiseworthy endeavors. They are corporate fascists and elitists no less than George Soros and Warren Buffet. They just have a different strategy. Perhaps the most clever and dangerous.


Libertarian Cover for the Corporate State by Murray N. Rothbard


The Clark Campaign: Never Again by Murray N. Rothbard



Konkin on Libertarian Strategy – Murray N. Rothbard – Mises Daily

Samuel Edward Konkin III “Reply to Rothbard”




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Two Additional Links I can’t put in the chronology:


Interview With Samuel Edward Konkin III

One of the most interesting things (and there were many) I garnered from reading these is the Kochtopus’ love for Central Banking, despite their roots in Austrian Economics. Evokes memories of Alan Greenspan. And why the Koch Brothers put stock in Herman Cain. And why Rick Perry was derided by so-called conservatives when he called Ben Bernanke a traitor. And why their oh so brief ally Ron Paul is so hated by them and theirs anymore.

And it reminds me further of several graphics I have seen floating around on the various End the Fed sites and blogs. A stream of consciousness post like this would be seriously remiss without tying everything together with a few related images.

Do I need to spell out the connection?

Hydra/Kraken/Squid/Octopus/Kochtopus/Leviathon/Federal Government/Federal Reserve/National Bank/Petrodollar/Koch Industries/Corporations/Military Industrial Complex/Fascism Hello?!?!

Please don’t think I’m going all occult on you or anything (I do admit that I came across some pretty dubious sites looking for some of these images). I just really like mythology and history and metaphors and analogies.

Tea Party Heroes Ron And Rand Paul Make For A Bitter Brew; First Response

Tea Party Heroes Ron and Rand Paul Make for a Bitter Brew; First Response.

The following is the first paragraph of Barry Germansky’s op-ed Tea Party Heroes Ron and Rand Paul Make for a Bitter Brew, from earlier this year, interspersed with my rebuttals from within the last few days.

BARRY GERMANSKY: Ron and Rand Paul advocate a form of free market libertarianism that is not only highly contradictory in nature, but is falsely appropriated by this father-son duo in an attempt to hail their extremist ideology as a fixture of the United States Constitution.

HENRY MOORE: Ron (but it seems no longer Rand) Paul’s brand of libertarianism is not only not contradictory, it is wholly compatible with the Constitution. That is not to say that his ideology is the only one compatible with that document, but that in and of itself it neither contradicts the Constitution nor its own principles in attempting to adhere to the Constitution.

You see, Ron Paul is a firm believer in the Non-Aggression Principle. Say what you will about this being a contradictory concept, such that adhering to it is impossible without somehow violating it. Any example of this given will still include an exercise of one choice over another. Ron Paul is also a gradualist, someone who believes in reform as opposed to revolution, secession, or asceticism. The gradualist that adheres to the NAP does so because to him the other options either require or are likely to lead to some initiation of force. Whether this is true or not may depend on various factors, but even if gradualism ends up being an incorrect premise, it is not impossible to act on it without violating the NAP. Revolutionaries, secessionists, and “ascetics” that adhere to the NAP do so because to them, the option of slow reform leaves the coercion in place too long. To them, it is better to be done with it (either through violence, a declaration, travel, or personal self-discipline), even at the risk of causing a violation the NAP, than it is to risk never getting rid of something else that is a greater cause of those violations because gradual reforms against it might be overturned. Once again, it is not inconsistent to adhere to both gradualism (or one of the others) and the NAP if there is no intention to cause a violation of the NAP, even if one does occur.

Part of Ron Paul’s gradualism is his adherence to the original intent of the United States Constitution. Simply the fact that his preferred economic system is not mentioned by name and described in detail in the Constitution is not enough to render it unconstitutional. The Constitution was suggested, proposed, debated, written, debated further, amended, signed, adopted, ratified, and made law not to impose any one economic system on the states comprising the Union, but to provide a basic framework within which laws apply equally to all citizens (the definition of which, unfortunately, did not include slaves and untaxed indians). States were free to trade with each other as well as with nations outside of the Union. Commerce was regulated in the sense that it was made regular, i.e., not impeded by any one state’s economic protections. Individuals were intended to be left alone by the Federal Government in the original rendering of the Constitution.

Such a Constitution is compatible with any number of nation-wide or state-particular economic systems, provided that interstate Commerce was not made irregular. The Constitution allows for things such as war, tariffs, public works, endowments, debt-financing, standing armies, and even quasi-monopoly status in currency. Ron Paul denies none of this, but most of these things also happen to be his greatest foes. The reason he can do so and remain a Constitutionalist is because, while these things are allowed for, they most certainly are not mandated. Also, even these unlibertarian things that may actually be constitutional in and of themselves, can be done in unconstitutional manners, either because they do not follow the legal prescriptions in the Constitution to the letter, or because they violate the spirit of the text, usually by trampling on enumerated rights found in the Bill of Restraints (Bill of Rights). So, even when something is technically constitutional because of what it is, e.g., a post office, it may not be constitutional in the way it is established or the things that it does, e.g., through mandates that stomp out competition, as was done to Lysander Spooner and his competing postal service in 1851. Free-market libertarianism is NOT incompatible with the US Constitution. A brief examination of the document and its sources/inspirations (thisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthisthis, and this) will show this.

BARRY GERMANSKY: Far from representing the individual as they pride themselves in doing, the Pauls endorse big businesses and neglect every other facet of human thought other than economics.

HENRY MOORE: Ron Paul is not one to do things in a prideful manner. He is human, he misspeaks, he makes jokes, he gets angry. But a humbler man in American politics I challenge you to find. The fact that he is not so boastful as a typical Republican, and not so beguiling as a typical Democrat has drawn as many people to him as his ideology has.

There is no political ideology more conducive to the individual than “libertarianism,” of which there are as many variants as there are adherents. Pure libertarianism, in theory, is voluntaryism. There is no individualism outside of voluntary interaction. That is not to say that people are coerced into being individualistic, for communal/collectivist societies can also be formed voluntarily. It all comes down to preference. And no economic theory is inherently individualistic or collectivistic. Any that claims to be is not an economic theory, but a political ideology. Economics is primarily about observations. Austrian Economists often do advocate a pure free market, but this is because they are also libertarians, not because Austrian Theory is synonymous with Libertarian Theory. It is therefore possible to be an Austrian and a statist. An Austrian simply accepts certain premises about how the economy does work. For example, he might understand that certain economic interventions cause distortions yet still advocate for those interventions for one reason or another. Fortunately most Austrians are indeed libertarians.

Human Action, that is, voluntary and spontaneous action on the part of individuals is the centerpiece of Austrian Economics. In the aggregate it organically aligns resources, capital, and labor to the needs and desires not only of society as a whole but of the individuals that are its constituent pieces, including, yes, those entrepreneurs who rise to the top through their own ingenuity and industry. The subjective theory of value, wherein near-rational individuals, rather than uninformed, ignorant, or malign bureaucrats, regulations, and monopolies (which owe their status to the state, not the market) determine the prices which optimize productive capacity and allocation of resources to those sectors to which they are needed, is also highly individualistic. Unlike state/corporate fiscal, regulatory, or monetary price fixing. The Austrian Theory has also come a long way in exposing the effects of coercion and planning that libertarians would say are negative.

The free market is all at once the most democratic and the most meritocratic economic system. Every person has some say so long as they have something to offer, their labor, their knowledge, their skills, their services, their property, their assets, their resources, their working capital, their savings, their pocket change. The most ingenuous and industrious have even more of a say.

Ron Paul does not blindly endorse big business, for he understands that much monopolistic and corporate control is indeed antithetical to the free market. Most monopolies are the result of some officially recognized status or favor granted, not market forces. Those “monopolies” that do arise in the market are often temporary and exist only so long as they do indeed provide the best services at the lowest cost. When the state subsidizes corporations, protects them from competition, or picks who to grant permits and licenses and charters to, only then do monopolies commonly occur and last, and are their deleterious effects made manifest. But to say that all big business got that way by disenfranchising the individual, small business, or society, rather than through recognizing a niche and providing a valued service, is the utmost of economic ignorance. The notion that utilizing a competitive advantage is somehow exploitation is a purely moral judgement that has nothing to do with whether the system actually benefits society in the long run, which is a greater test of its economic and moral worth than that which is immediately seen, the rich getting richer.

BARRY GERMANSKY: It is through their reliance on the free market as an umbrella paradigm that their views on different societal sectors become distorted.

HENRY MOORE: And the free market is not a paradigm. That would be like calling a void an object. The free market is not the presence of a societal model, it is its absence. And that is because it caters to individual choice, rather than imposing a specific set of rules. It does not posit, it negates. It creates no distortions, as all occurrences within it lead to exactly what they are supposed to. Trade, consumption, saving, investing all interlock in varying degrees according to the free and near-rational decisions of the individuals involved. Any apparent distortions are nothing more than fads or reflections of actual needs, not miscalculations made by experts who adhere to the Broken Window Fallacy. I can not say it enough: Individuals make their own decisions in the free market. Again, there is no paradigm to scape-goat for perceived distortions because each person determines their own way. Individual responsibility is not a paradigm! Alignments are not distortions. Resources, capital, and labor are allocated to where they are most desired, when, where, and in the way that they are desired. A voluntary system of exchange is not to blame for the mistakes of irrational or misguided actors.

BARRY GERMANSKY: The Pauls cater to naïve utopian ideals, in which all humans are as perfect and bland as numbers on a page.

HENRY MOORE: The Pauls do not envisage any form of Utopia. Utopians seek to eliminate all the sorrows and trials of the world without consequence. People who seek a system, in this instance, a free market, but do not claim it will solve all the world’s ills, are clearly not utopians. People who acknowledge that the flaws in any given system are not caused by the system itself, per se, but human nature, are clearly not naive. As I have said before: you could hand mankind the most flawless model for governing society imaginable, yet, because man is not perfect, he would still manage to spoil it!

Humans are not seen as bland. They are all seen as full of potential and free to reach it. There is nothing boring or common about someone who creates things, either for himself or for others, and then uses this advantage to increase both his living standard, whereby he can enjoy life the fuller, and his productive capacity, whereby he can create bigger and better and more numerous things. A system that makes people out as mere pieces of information would be a system that forces them all to use the same unit of exchange, judges their worth with strange letters and numbers, charges them fees based on their ability to make the world a better a place, and then spends that money on things that supposedly promote the “general welfare,” even where it obviously does not, and even where he finds those things being bought immoral or unnecessary.

BARRY GERMANSKY: Since economics is the language of the free market, economics becomes their only lens on society as a whole.

HENRY MOORE: As you no doubt know, economics is not a language, nor is it somehow exclusive to the free market. It is, quite literally, the study of household management, from the Greek oikos, “house” and nomos, “custom.” Does it get any less impersonal and detached than that? While many “economists” tend to muddle things by drawing strict lines between the micro and the macro, and graphing boring charts with boring statistics and formulae, it is a huge mistake to separate economics from other “sectors,” for it indeed covers virtually everything. Name some things people find relevant to their lives that have nothing to do with either where they live or how they live and you will have described a “sector” that can be efficiently managed without considering the factors of production (supply) and consumption (demand).

BARRY GERMANSKY: These Tea Party poster boys have a giant kettle of political poison and are spewing it across the American landscape.

HENRY MOORE: You are right about one thing, however. Ron and Rand Paul are indeed Tea Party poster boys. Ron Paul held the first modern day Tea Party, admittedly a fundraiser more than a protest, on December 16th, 2007. It was the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and the funds raised topped all previous 24 hours in presidential fundraising history, coming in hot with a whopping $6.04 Million. After he suspended his campaign on June 12th, 2008, Ron Paul used some $4.7 Million in campaign surplus (most campaign’s go into debt) to create what should be considered the very first Tea Party organization, Campaign for Liberty. Campaign for Liberty and its affiliate, Young Americans for Liberty were among the chief organizers of Tax Day protests up to a month before Rick Santelli’s amazing rant went viral via Drudge.

The Tea Party has since been co-opted by everyone from Grover Norquist, to the Koch Brothers, to Glenn Beck, to Paul Ryan, to Newt Gingrich, to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, all of whom have been on good or cordial terms with Ron Paul at one time or another, but none of whom are near as principled or consistent in their beliefs or actions.



A couple months back there was this fad amongst Paullinators on twitter to hashtag Things Paul Supporters Don’t Say. I decided to jump aboard at that time and compose my own. Along the way I came across several good ones by other tweeps. I have been holding off from posting these to WordPress until a time when I was either out of other ideas or needed more time to work on other posts. Anyways, feel free to use these if you are a Paul Supporter on twitter.

These first several dozen are my own:

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Tread On Me

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #MiddleEast hates us for our #Freedoms

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My #Vote doesn’t really count

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I’ll trade you some essential #Liberty if you give me a piece of your #Security. I deserve both.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: There are no #Lessons to be learned from #History

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Freedom isn’t a fundamental #HumanRight

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My #Government keeps me #Safe

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I kinda like #PolicingTheWorld

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #WTF?: What’s The #Fed?

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Recession? What recession?

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I am not an informed #Voter

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Need some #Money quick and easy? Let me put you in touch with Ben #Bernanke.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We should be dropping #Money out of a #Helicopter
– #MiltonFriedman, #BenBernanke

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #PursuitOfHappiness is doing what #Santorum tells you to do

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: There is a fundamental difference between #Taxation and #Theft

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Too much #Liberty leads to #Chaos, and #Unregulated #Plunder

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: That #Hayek guy sure got it wrong. I mean…#Serfdom? Who is he trying to #Fool?

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We can #Tax & #Spend & #Borrow & #Beg & #Steal & #Inflate & #Lie & #Cheat & #Con our way to #Prosperity

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Money actually does grow on trees

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I like #RonPaul, but his #ForeignPolicy…

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: There is a huge difference between the major #Parties on most #Issues
Re: #Republicrat #Democan

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! I need to pay more in #Taxes. I need to pay my #FairShare.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I’m #Undecided

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We can #KickTheCanDownTheRoad for another decade or so

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: R3volution/ #Revolution? We don’t need one of those. We just need a few ‘sensible’ #Reforms.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: But I’m sure that those other three mean well Re: Rick #Santorum, #Mitt #Romney, #Newt #Gingrich

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My favorite #President is Franklin Delano #Roosevelt / #FDR

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My favorite #President is Lyndon Baines Johnson / #LBJ

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My favorite #President is #Woodrow #Wilson

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My favorite #President is Theodore #Roosevelt / #TR

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: My favorite #President is Abraham #Lincoln / #HonestAbe / #DishonestAbe

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Let’s #Rob from the #Poor in rich countries to #Give to the #Rich in poor countries

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #TSA just #TurnsMeOn! Those rough, grubby, big, #Masculine hands patting me up and down! Baby! That’s Hot!

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I have nothing to hide. Therefore my #FourthAmendment #Rights are meaningless.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #World is a #Safer place thanks to #Bush

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #World is a more #Tolerant and #Peaceful place thanks to #Obama

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Bomb Bomb #Bomb Bomb Bomb #Iran

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I guess I’ll just be casting my #Vote for the #LesserOfTwoEvils again

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #PATRIOTAct is how a #Patriot would #act

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Things aren’t so bad

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We should each have our own #FEMA trailer

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Party #Loyalty always trumps #Principle

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #CivilRights #Act of 1964 doesn’t #Violate the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth #Amendments

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Black people that like #RonPaul aren’t ‘down with the struggle’ enough

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #Southern #Poverty #Law Center rocks!

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Extremism in the #Defense of #Liberty is a #Vice

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The more #Government we have, the better (R.W.E.)

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #NationBuilding is fun, easy, #CostEffective, safe, righteous, just, and moral. It’s a worthwhile thing to do.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I hate #BigGovernment. But I love the #FederalReserve, #SocialSecurity, and the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Moderation in the #Pursuit of #Justice is a #Virtue

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We are not an #Empire

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #RonPaul is a fearmongering idiot. So was #Cicero in Ancient #Rome. And #Jeremiah in Ancient #Israel.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #Constitution was written for #Racists, by racists.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Life, #Liberty, and the #PursuitOfHappiness are the #Oppressive terminology of a bygone generation

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #SeanHannity tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #Rush #Limbaugh tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #MarkLevin tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #BillOReilly tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #GlennBeck tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #MichaelSavage tells me who to #Vote for

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I am a #Neocon #WarMonger

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: If #RonPaul wins, #AlQaeda and #Iran will overrun the #MiddleEast and wipe #Israel off the map

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I hope #RonPaul uses the office of the #President to shove his personal #Agenda down our throats

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The sign of a true #Leader is his ability to #Compromise his #Principles to get things done

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We need a #Majority to #Prevail. That #Keen, #Irate #Minority stuff is for suckers.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: #FreeMarkets only work properly if the #Government heavily #Regulates them

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: One #President I just can’t stand is Calvin #Coolidge / #SilentCal

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: One #President I just can’t stand is #GroverCleveland

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: One #President I just can’t stand is #ThomasJefferson

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I am not a #Terrorist. Therefore my #FourteenthAmendment #Rights are meaningless.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I am not a #Woman. Therefore my #ThirteenthAmendment rights are meaningless. Re: Women can’t be drafted.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: You can #Fool all #ThePeople all the time

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The message of #Liberty only appeals to sober #White #AngloSaxon #Protestant prudes & ninnies

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The message of #Liberty only appeals to #potheads, racists, conspiracy nuts, Palestinian expats, & subversives

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Whoever lays his hands on me to govern me is not a usurper nor a tyrant, and I declare him my friend (P.-J.P.)

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Yeah. #Republican #Deficits are okay because #Reagan defeated the #Soviet #Empire singlehandedly.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Well, if this #NDAA thing gets off the ground, I doubt they will put us in #Guantanamo or anything

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #Constitution is great, but come on, it’s a new era. Besides…it’s a living, breathing document.

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Give me #Servitude or give me #Death

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The #Constitution does not apply in times of #war as it does in times of #peace

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We should pay $100 WHENEVER the #FederalGovernment abuses its #authority. Why just at #airports?

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: What is wrong with a permanent #stateofemergency? Its not like our #rights are endangered! RE: #EO #NDRP

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: You have nothing to fear under #MartialLaw because you are not a #terrorist. RE: #EO #NDRP, NDAA

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I am politically correct: ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████. See?

#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: Vote for #███████!

These next several are  retweets. I wish I could credit their authors, but I don’t have the patience to look through millions of tweets.

RT: “That’s nice you’re devoted to the Constitution and all, but are you equally devoted to Israel?? –#ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: @CBlackTX I need the government to protect me from myself. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: Why don’t we just print enough money for everyone? #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: Birth control is a right that the govt should provide me, like food, water, shelter and healthcare. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay if #DrPaul doesn’t get the GOP nomination I’ll hold my nose and vote for #Romney #Gingrich or #Santorum

RT: The president’s job is to police the world. #ThingsRonPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: All Muslims are terrorists #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: Executive orders are cool. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: Delegates don’t matter. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay what’s a delegate?

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We’re satisfied with with the Status Quo

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: We’re not Apathetic, we just don’t care

RT: Guns, we don’t need no stinking guns #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: The Government can take care of it, that’s what we pay taxes for anyways.

RT: The Federal Reserve is awesome. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: That @FoxNews is really honest, I’m glad they can be trusted because they’re “Fair and Balanced”.

RT: Liberty? Ehhh, who cares. Where’s my entitlements? #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay: I don’t mind paying taxes, because the Govt uses it wisely, and is looking out for our best interests.

RT: I trust Fox for all my news #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: Give me liberty or give me a handout. Whatever. #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay more “quantitative easing” please

RT: Who cares about support from the military? #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay

RT: #thingsronpaulsupportersDontsay got hired by #TSA today. Gonna vote myself Frothy! Shut up I have a badge. I’ve seen your kids naked

RT: #ThingsPaulSupportersDontSay Federal Agents arresting Raw Milk Farmers & terrorizing handicapped children & elderly at airports OK with me.



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Need help convincing reasonable people that Ron Paul is the only candidate running that will Restore America Now?

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Here is a small taste, though a personal anecdote, originally from February 1st, 2012:

I Am A Ron Paul Supporter

I am a Ron Paul supporter here in Yellowstone County, Montana and an adherent to the Austrian School of Economics. The purpose of this blog is the propagation of the aforementioned.

I have been chiefly influenced, thus far, by…

Ron Paul’s The RevolutionEnd the FedLiberty Defined;

Thomas Woods’ 33 Questions About American HistoryNullificationMeltdownRollbackWho Killed the Constitution (with Kevin Gutzman);

Howard Kershner’s Dividing the Wealth;

Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson;

Frederic Bastiat’s The Law;

Just started Friedrich von Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s Lincoln Unmasked



New Ron Paul Article!

Need help convincing reasonable people that Ron Paul is the only candidate running that will Restore America Now?

Read and share the following articles, more of which are to come:

Ron Paul: The Big Picture from February 15th

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Ron Paul’s Non-Interventionism from February 3rd

Ron Paul Does Not Blame America First from February 1st

The Failed Drug War from January 31st

Here is a small taste, though a personal anecdote, originally from February 1st, 2012:

I Am A Ron Paul Supporter

I am a Ron Paul supporter here in Yellowstone County, Montana and an adherent to the Austrian School of Economics. The purpose of this blog is the propagation of the aforementioned.

I have been chiefly influenced, thus far, by…

Ron Paul’s The RevolutionEnd the FedLiberty Defined;

Thomas Woods’ 33 Questions About American HistoryNullificationMeltdownRollbackWho Killed the Constitution (with Kevin Gutzman);

Howard Kershner’s Dividing the Wealth;

Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson;

Frederic Bastiat’s The Law;

Just started Friedrich von Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s Lincoln Unmasked