New Name, New Feel, New Look

New Name, New Feel, New Look.

Just as you were finally getting used to it all I decided it was time to change things up. As usual, it was something I had been meaning to do and finally my hand was forced. For one thing I had a $50 bing ads coupon that was expiring soon, so I figured making the site more attractive, or as fellow blogger edmundelsesser says, “refreshing“, would go hand in hand with utilizing that. A new, catchier, easier to remember name was a long time coming. I can’t tell you how many people have told me the previous name was just a little much. The blog didn’t always have that as its name. It used to just be the same as the url, which was an alias of mine derived from my real name in a reconstructed dead language, but just as with these latest changes, I was forced into giving it a name. I had a $50 facebook ads coupon that was expiring soon and I needed to come up with a facebook page quick. I decided to have the blog title and facebook page name to be the same: Propagating the Philosophy of Liberty. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to change the facebook page name, so I’m not sure what to do about that yet. I’ll keep you posted as to what else is going on around here. There’s a few more things I would like to tweak before I get the ads up and running. Maybe a post explaining the name, a new about page, reconfiguring the pages up by the header, cleaning up categories and tags. I’m taking suggestions, by the way. It’s the weekend, so let’s see if I can actually make some progress.

2 thoughts on “New Name, New Feel, New Look

  1. The yellow background color on the sides is really luminous. Maybe it’s not as big a deal on smaller monitors, but on a big monitor there is really a lot of it and it is not that easy on the eyes. Perhaps you could make it a little (much) paler shade?

    Also is the color of text white, or a shade of grey? I think white is better as with a black background there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to maximize contrast.

    • Thanks for the input. I’m working from a 15 inch laptop, so I guess I didn’t notice that. The problem is that I thought black and this particular shade of yellow would be good because those are the voluntaryist colors. So if I want in to be easier on the eyes I might have to just skip the yellow because I don’t think pale yellow is all that appealing. Do you think a darker shade of yellow might solve the problem? There are actually two shades of yellow, which I have been meaning to fix. The yellow in the header and sidebar is slightly darker than that in the background and hyperlinks. I don’t think I can change it in this theme, though.

      The font is kind of a cream color I believe. White would be better but I would have to manually change it on all of my posts, past and present. The hyperlinks on this theme were awful. Even if I made them bold I don’t think you could easily differentiate them from the rest of the text. So I underscored them and made them the same shade of yellow as the theme.

      Maybe I’ll mess around with a couple different other themes. I can definitely see how a giant yellow wall on either side would be distracting.

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