Something I Forgot

Something I Forgot.

I was going to add this to my about page, A Little More Background, but forgot. So I’ll make a new post. Why not?

My Dad was born and raised in the Placerville, Sacramento, and Oakland area. He went to high school in Sand Point, Idaho. Soon thereafter he joined the Army to go fight in Viet Nam, but was stationed in Germany and did plenty of traveling in Europe before shipping out to French Indochina. He has maintained that it was better to join and have your pick of the jobs than to be drafted and get stuck doing something you don’t like. Here is some information about some of the missions he went on, though according to him they are not completely accurate, though I suppose that is to be expected. He later became a rancher in Western Montana, though he met my mother in Eastern/Central Montana, and has more or less resided here ever since.

Dad’s favorite president ever is Calvin Coolidge. I think he is in a minority. I would definitely put “Silent Cal” in my top five list.

One reason I am sharing this is because I am going to link to it in a future post. That post has little to do with family history, but there is one thing in my current draft that needed a link to this information which I briefly allude to.


3 thoughts on “Something I Forgot

  1. I’d thought about doing something with a “Keep Cool With Coolidge” theme, especially since “Silent Cal” was so . . . pithy. “Da Biz of Da US is Biz”–I could get that up quickly, but would people miss the allusion to the last President who balanced the budget? You can never be too sure–some people I meet still think Nixon was guilty!

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