R ٤ ‎٧ ‎ه ‎ن ط Τ ח ه أ !

R ٤ ‎٧ ‎ه ‎ن ط Τ ח ه أ !

Now that the Ron Paul campaign is over (thanks to those cheating scumbags at the RNC), this blog will be dedicated to my interests and my ideology. In other words, not much is going to change. The R3volution was an educational and entertaining experience for me, and to the extent that it is still going I hope to learn more things and have more fun.

Currently I am endorsing anyone but Obama and Romney, not because I have hope that someone else can or will win, but because the vote is more legitimate as a means of protest than it is as a means of government. Write in Ron Paul, Thomas Jefferson, or Mickey Mouse, check in that box for Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode, put a giant X through your ballot, go shopping and stimulate the economy, or stay home and read a book on economics or political philosophy. Sit on the couch and watch TV for all I care! Even if nobody physically counts your vote (including non-votes) and even if the media doesn’t report the numbers, your collective non-cooperation won’t go unnoticed. Most importantly, vote your conscience.

I plan not only on evading the Democratic side of the ballot, DOWN THE LINE, this November, but to a large extent, the Republican side. There are very few decent people running for any office in either major party. And the few that are decent, on occasion, picked the wrong election cycle to show their bad side. So if there is any worthy person who lost in the primary, or maybe a Libertarian Party nominee or two, that’s who I’m casting my lot with.

Ron Paul 2016! Until then, lets make an effort to end the brainwashing and the hysteria.

God Bless.


Any thoughts?

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