I Proudly Voted For Ron Paul Today

I Proudly Voted For Ron Paul Today.

Today, at around 3:45 PM, MDT, I voted for Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on the June 5th Montana Primary Ballot, at Lockwood School in Billings, Yellowstone County. My dad voted for him absentee last month. My mom and sister voted for him earlier today. One of my friends voted for him yesterday, and some of my other friends will be voting for him this evening.

The Primary in Montana, at least in regards to Republican Presidential candidates, is a preference poll. It is essentially meaningless. There is no proportional allocation, and no relation to the June 14 Convention/Caucus. But a show of support is still necessary. Ron Paul got 21% of the vote on June 3, 2008 to McCain’s 76%. I suspect Paul will have a similar showing this go-around, though still a second-place finish. Unlike in 2008, however, there are four people on the ballot (Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul). With any luck, this will hurt Romney’s percentage more than it does Paul’s.

Romney took all 25 delegates last time. That is because the Caucus took place in February before he dropped out. This time, the Caucus is after the Primary. Paul might well get more delegates than Romney. I personally know a few people that are Precinct Committee Members and Ron Paul supporters. There is a chance that the Paul grassroots have or will soon take over the GOP in Montana, at least in certain counties (Yellowstone being one of them).

Regardless of what happens, I will be voting for Paul in November, as the Republican Nominee (a very long shot), as a Third Party Candidate, or as a write-in candidate.

If Paul is the Nominee, I have little doubt that he could win. If Romney is the nominee, I have little doubt he will lose. If Romney is defeated by Obama under those circumstances, Ron Paul will be vindicated. If Romney defeats Obama under those circumstances, Paul will still be vindicated because Romney’s first four years would be little better than Obama’s second four, and a potential eight years of Romney would be significantly worse than mere four more years of Obama. This vindication will be a source of a pride, if nothing else, to me and other Paul supporters.

Assuming Romney is the GOP pick, I commend all of those that intend to write-in Ron Paul, write-in Mickey Mouse, vote for Gary Johnson, vote for Virgil Goode, vote for a number of other third-party candidates, or simply stay home. Some would say that such division is not good within the Liberty movement. This view is naive because it assumes a third party candidacy or one of its variants will serve any purposes other than to protest the two establishment candidates or deny one of those two victory. In my view, a Third Party will never win without the implosion of one of the two major parties. The Whigs needed the Federalist Party to implode, the Republicans needed the Whig Party to implode, and uppercase/lowercase libertarians will need either the Republicans or Democrats to go the way of the dodo.

Some (Josh Tolley being one) have said that the GOP could (at least temporarily) implode at the Convention if all delegates bound to/free to support Paul, and Paul-supporting delegates bound to others, alternates included, refuse to go along with anyone other than Ron Paul on all RNC ballots, even to the point of boycotting the entire convention if necessary. Of course, this would require the numbers to be in our favor (because “uncooperative” delegates can be replaced by alternates), and a concerted, coordinated, consensual effort on the part of these delegates.

I seriously doubt this will happen. There are just too many variables. But having many variables is not necessarily in Romney’s favor, either.

For the record, there are no likely concessions that Romney could make that will make me vote for him in the General election. He could make Rand Paul his VP and Ron Paul Treasury Secretary, and I still won’t vote for him. Romney would have to literally morph into Paul, and convince me of his sincerity, before I would even consider such a move. If a candidate is not for Ending the Wars, effectively Ending the Fed (either through abolishment or currency competition), Repealing the Sixteenth Amendment, and getting out of the UN, he will NEVER get my vote. If he is not trustworthy and sincere, even where he is wrong, he will NEVER get my vote. I guard it jealously. I suspect that if all Americans, from all parts of the political spectrum, did this, rather than act in an expedient manner, this country would be far better off.

Ron Paul 2012!


2 thoughts on “I Proudly Voted For Ron Paul Today

  1. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the Gary Johnson run for President. His vote will dilute the write-in vote for Paul and while I get what you’re saying that they are still voting against the status quo but it still makes me kind of bitter in the sense that I feel it’s Ron Paul’s time — not Gary Johnson’s and how much of the vote does Johnson expect when he’s well aware that a majority of the Paul supporters are going to write-in Ron Paul? Let’s say Johnson’s max potential in a general election is 10%. He’s not going to get anywhere near that potential unless Paul officially endorses Johnson…which we both know will never happen. My point is, Paul is the bigger name and would stand the better chance of getting in debates against the other two goons than Gary Johnson ever would so why not step aside and just see what Paul is able to do in a general election? Stated differently (as Judge Napolitano likes to say), if you’re in the playoffs, wouldn’t you want to start your best player (Ron Paul obviously) and win/lose based on what your best player is able to do…so to speak?

    Worst case scenario, you have the Ron Paul campaign stress to his constituents via email, social networking, phone calls, etc. to vote for him via write-in, he ends up with 15-20% of the vote in November, right? That’s something to build off of for the Liberty movement but now we’ll never know what that max potential could have been because of Gary Johnson — effectively diminishing what the people in the Liberty Movement have been fighting for the last 13 months…and for some longer than that. Gary Johnson is a good guy. But Gary Johnson couldn’t even get invited to debates as a REPUBLICAN for the most part. Just seems like this country is doomed to corrupt politicians forever.

    I would also say in terms of comparing Obama and Romney, I feel like Romney is much more dangerous which says a lot. This is a guy who complained about Obama wanting to make a 1.1% cut in military spending fearing for our national security because of it! Are you kidding me? Romney would be a scary ass President! Though Obama isn’t much better, four more years of him is a better alternative than potentially eight with Romney. That man is a scumbag. Call it instincts, call it a gut feeling, I just do not like him at all.

    • I agree on Gary Johnson. He is what we call a “Cosmopolitan Libertarian” or “Beltway Libertarian” or “Establishment Libertarian”. He is not opposed to taxation on principle. He waffles on the drug war and foreign policy. He does not appeal to either conservative libertarians (such as myself) or anarchists. He is not familiar with Austrian Economics. I hate to say it, but he is simply not “pure”. However, unlike many in the “libertarian” establishment he is a man of accomplishment and seems to be sincere and well meaning. I won’t knock those that choose to vote for him, even if they were Paul supporters, but I would still urge them to write-in the good Doctor instead. Regardless, a Paul third party candidacy does not seem to me to be likely to win even with a Johnson endorsement/resignation. This is why any vote for someone other than Romney or Obama does not bother me too much. If, by chance, I thought the LP was sucking enough votes away from Paul to deny him third party victory, I would be more inclined to berate those that vote for Johnson, either as their first choice, or as a result of Ron Paul not winning the GOP nomination.

      I also agree that 8 years of Romney would be worse, at least for civil liberties if not also the economy, than 4 years of Obama. I think Obama is the worse (slightly) of the two, but 4 years of left-fascism is better than 8 of right-fascism.

      Paul could probably get 20% of the vote if his campaign stays intact and pushes for it. Not only could he get all those Republicans that voted for him in closed primaries, but he would get significant portions of independents and small-d democrats who may have been denied the opportunity to vote for him in primaries.

      In my opinion, for what it is worth, no matter what the November outcome is, Doctor Paul and his message will be vindicated, and in the long run, Liberty will prevail.

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