Ron Paul Does Not Blame America First

Ron Paul has never blamed America, the American people, the American way of life, the American dream, or the troops for 9/11. He has blamed our foreign policy, which is made by a handful of policy makers and perpetuated by stooges in the media.

Our government funded BIN LADEN, helped Al Qaeda during the Balkans episode, refused to shoot Osama THREE TIMES when he was in our cross hairs, were ten minutes too late bombing Tora Bora (where he was hiding), prevented highly skilled mercenaries from going after him, and took ten years to find the man, when with our CIA, our military, the reward on his head, our foreign aid (bribery) to Pakistan, etc., and God knows what else, we should have been able to do it in six months.

Not to mention the CIA and the FBI each had a file on Mohammed Atta, and if they had been allowed by Bush and Clinton to access each other’s files, they would have detained him and foiled the attacks.

With all this, how can you NOT say that our ‘benign’ government is not just as culpable as the hijackers?

9/11 was NOT an inside job, but it might as well have been.


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul Does Not Blame America First

  1. Found your blog via EBL and subscribed to the feed. While I didn't agree with her views on the good doctor, I appreciated her fairly even-handed treatment of him. (in the articles I read) Hope you post more articles.

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